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Cartagena Concierge es una agencia operadora de turismo que se encuentra comprometida cien por ciento en dar continuidad al desarrollo e implementación del uso sostenible de los recursos naturales no renovables, como también en promover y aplicar el manejo responsable de la conservación y protección de la fauna y la flora en los diferentes ecosistemas de la región; Para fortalecer nuestros  objetivos de sostenibles trabajamos de la mano con la comunidad en la buenas praticas como lo son conceptos artesanales, orgánicos y tecnologicos en la cual colaboradores, aliados, proveedores y clientes se encuentran de igual manera en constante innovación. 
Difundimos nuestro total rechazo a la explotación sexual comercial de niños, niñas y adolescentes (De acuerdo con la Ley 679 del 3 de Agosto de 2001 expedida por El Congreso de la República), cualquier método de explotación laboral infantil y las diferentes formas de discriminación, trabajando conjuntamente con las autoridades competentes para prevenir estos actos y denunciar cualquier caso que se presente.


Cartagena Concierge is a tour operator agency that is 100% committed on continuing the development and implementation of the sustainable use of non-renewable natural resources, as well as promoting and applying responsible management of the conservation and protection of wildlife in the different ecosystems of the region. In order to strengthen our sustainable objectives, we work hand-in-hand with the community to improve and implement the tecnics such as the handcrafts, organic products and technological concepts, as our partners, allies, suppliers and customers are equally in constant innovation too.

We broadcast our total rejection of  sexual exploitation of children and any other child labour exploitation method or different forms of discrimination.
Under the law 679 del 3 de Agosto de 2001 expedida por El Congreso de la República de Colombia)

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History, Culture, Design & Art across its streets, make Cartagena de Indias a special place where great artists and designers find sceneries to create their handmade and detailed Art treasures for luxe and exlusivity lovers.

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Caribbean flavors like the delicious seafood combination with a glass of  withe wine can make you feel like your are having an amazing dinner in Cartagena

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In this paradisiacal environment there are more than 25 dive sites located within minutes of the places you will visit that stands out for their great variety of hard and soft corals, sponges and reef inhabitants.

Want to enjoy your vacation without sticking to a strict agenda? We'll create a flexible travel plan that lets you cancel tours and reservations within 24 hours of their scheduled time.

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